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    looks like bhutan is on my shit list now. i have my eyes on you

    whats that country next to canada thats red?


    no next to, not under.

    it’s Alaska, its a state in america

    no i know what america is but whats that country next to canada though its on the side

    Still Alaska

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    you know those people that can literally carry on a conversation with anyone are amazing like wow how do you do that

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    do you think whoever was designing the default netflix avatar made a mistake somewhere but just sat there laughing at the result for so long that the whole design team decided to keep it


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    you’re lying if you didn’t sing this in your head

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  4. themedusa-cascade:

    things that dont make you a rude guest:

    • asking for a drink
    • asking where the toilet is  
    • looking around the house 

    things that do make you a rude guest:

    • pissing in the fireplace 

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    Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u

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    Healthy Breakfast Quinoa and Broccoli Egg Muffins…RECIPE

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    whenever i see posts like this i makeup backstories for the slutty girls



    Moral: Don’t judge people when you don’t even know them.

    Also, people can wear whatever the heck they want. Don’t judge them just because they’re not dressed to your tastes.

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